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Started out of the leather pioneers ‘Fashion factory International’

Fashion Factory International is the most engaging brand in fashion industry where fashion runs day and night. Millions of worldwide customers have transacted with us since 1985 and yes, millions of them can’t go wrong. So, build on a dream to cultivate a fresh blend of westerly and organic Indian materials and styles, we are here with ‘’ to bring something new and energizing.

No matter how great parents are, kids retain their uniqueness

With better vision, and understanding of this fashion industry, guava holds its own uniqueness in designs, patterns and concepts.

See, what makes Guava different from Fashion factory International and others online:

We craft our own cutting-edge designs

“If today this is innovative, once someone executed his ideas...”  This is not just the statement but how we make our visions go beautiful.

With guava in-house team of globally travelled designers, we bring you new fashion products every day. Our designers attempt to satisfy consumer desire for aesthetically designed clothing according to different tastes and preferences. We don't partner with licensing companies who control the market and keep prices high to cover for inefficiencies in the selling process.

We have a large squad of experienced and confident professional

“If you ain’t making waves, you ain’t kicking hard enough...” Nobody really knows who said these words but it hit us like a bolt of lightning.

In everything that we do, we would like to go that extra mile to ensure that we exceed your expectations.  With a clear action plan, our management team of experienced and high calibre professionals from globally recognized organizations are working hard to give you best.


Spend in penny, buy in pounds


Our collection is made for all, irrespective of age, lifestyle, occasion and price. Whatever you wish to pay, you will get the best of design, material and trend.  We do not compromise on quality on the name of price, and still, we manage to offer in less. How? Simply, there’s no middle man cost. Keeping our margins fair to customer’s affordability and expectations to the specific trend and material, we fix the prices. This is how we understand the buying circle.

We are ready to answer anytime, every time

“One customer well taken care is more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising...”  Based on the fact, we are providing the customer service which is not best but legendary.

We share a unique bond of friendship and mutual concern with all our customers. It gives an experience that makes you feel like a star. We believe customer relationship is of prime importance for any enterprise and we always put our customers before everything else. You’ll be answered whenever you need us.